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  • What is a music-instrumental license ?
    A music-instrumental license grants you the right to add your own vocals and create a song with it. And use the instrumental track for your own music projects, including recordings, performances, and commercial releases.
  • Who are these instrumentals suitable for ?
    Let me clarify my goal in selling my instrumentals. My objective is to assist artists, including singers and songwriters, in expressing their stories through music. At the same time, I aim to generate income to support my music career. I offer unlimited non-exclusive licenses for instrumentals, enabling artists to record, release, perform, and earn money with their music.
  • Why should I buy instrumental license ?
    In today’s ever changing musical landscape, keeping a consistent release schedule is crucial for all artists. Therefore, purchasing beat licenses is the best option for majority of artists. If you’re an artist who simply wants to make a song, either for yourself, or for all your fans to hear, non-exclusive licensing gets you access to high quality productions without having to break the bank (Exclusive Licenses can vary anywhere from 800$ to 10 000$+). This allows you to spend less, you can invest more on marketing and promotion, which in turn allows you to gain more fans, letting more people experience your music.
  • Am I allowed to release the song I've created with the instrumental on any streaming platform ?
    The license is exactly what allows you to release your music on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, TikTok, Instagram, and other similar platforms.
  • Is the Instrumental non-exclusive of exclusive ?
    This license is non-exclusive, which means that other users can also use the same instrumental without infringing on the creative works you produce with the instrumental, and vice versa. The instrumental will remain available on the website. This allows for a budget-friendly price point, so that more individuals can enjoy this opportunity.
  • Is it possible to purchase an exclusive license ?
    I am open to reasonable offers before considering an exclusive license. However, I advise against it as it tends to come with a significantly higher price tag. The terms of the license remain unchanged, except that only you and I can use the instrumental. This decision is not driven by a lack of desire for profit but rather a commitment to providing good service and assistance. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.
  • Can I perform with the instrumental ?
    Yes, you can perform live with the instrumental track, this is within the terms of your license.
  • Can I perform with the instrumental on the radio ?
    Yes, you can use the instrumental track on the radio, subject to the terms of your license.But make sure you register everything properly with the relevant copyright organizations.
  • Am I allowed to release the song under my own name ?
    You also have the right to digitally distribute the Original Recording under your own name as the Main Artist. Additional Main Artists are permitted. However, it is not allowed to list my name, as the Main Artist. As a result, my name will not be displayed online in connection with your song
  • Do I need to register your name with my distributor and my music rights registration company ?
    Under the 'Songwriters' section, you are required to register my name, Joel Renker, as a Songwriter for this song with your designated distributor and rights registration company u use to registreed your music. Consequently, my name will not be displayed online in association with your song. Hereby, you indicate that the music has been produced by Joel Renker.
  • Am I allowed to add more instruments on top of the instrumental?
    Absolutely, feel free to add another instruments to enhance the song. I find it exciting and creative, and I'm all for adding your personal touch to the instrumental.
  • Can I use content ID on the song I've created with the instrumental ?
    The YouTube Content ID system is flawed. The algorithm can’t tell the difference between two different songs when they both have the same instrumental. So you are unable to use Content ID for a leased beat. This means when releasing a song with a leased instrumental through Distrokid, Tunecore, CDbaby or any other digital distribution service, you can’t enable Content ID. Please disable Content ID when distributing your song through one of these distributors. simply for the reason that it creates mis-identification of songs and causes problems for artists. This is an industry wide problem. This is the same for all music licensing websites.
  • Are there any royalties or revenue-sharing involved ?
    Yes, the License Agreement stipulates that when your music generates more than 1,000,000 online audio streams, the Master Owner is entitled to receive 50% of the revenue. For less than 1,000,000 online audio streams, no payment is owed to the Master Owner. This rule is implemented to safeguard my own rights. Therefore, could you purchase the instrumental track at a reasonable cost? This rule serves as a precaution against scenarios where artists do not properly register their work with their distributor and rights registration company, including my contribution. In the event that their song, featuring my instrumental, achieves success, I will still maintain my entitlement to a portion of the royalties. However, this is contingent on your proper registration of the necessary information. Please make sure to register my name, Joel Renker, as a songwriter for the creation of the music for this song with your distributor and rights registration company. If all the necessary steps are meticulously followed, I will receive my rightful share of the royalties, and you will likewise receive your rightful share of the royalties without any additional effort or financial cost. Under such circumstances, this rule will no longer be applicable.
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