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Joel Renker is a producer and multitalented musician. He plays various instruments, as well as composing original songs. Joel is involved in the entire process of making a song. He composes the score, plays his own instruments, records it and masters it himself. This all give him a unique edge because recording the instruments live will give the music a personal and human touch. Joel style can be characterized as pop music. Joel is also making film music, especially for movie trailers. that responds to the story and feelings.

Joel Renker was born in the city Schiedam in the Netherlands. Music has been an important factor in Joel’s life ever since he was a little child. He started creating music at age thirteen, wanting to recreate Vato Gonzalez’s mixtape ‘Dirty House’. Avicii was the next motivator, inspiring Joel to produce and perform as a DJ. Since then he performed in various clubs in major cities of the Netherlands. He also taught himself how to play various music instruments. He successfully accomplished his education Music Production at the ROC in Amsterdam. Here he learned about entrepreneurship, music theory and the technical aspects of producing. In addition to his study, he did internships at different mainstream studios. 

Joel has his own production company, Renker Records. This involves making, producing and performing of music. He works day and night to improve and develop himself in his music career. Through these various production methods, Joel aspires to create music for himself as well for others. He wishes to help produce and publish music on the famous streaming services, to help realize both their and his talent. Everything is at service to reach the main goal: creating a worldwide hit.

Pushing yourself with continuous improvement is Joel’s main motivation. Creating better sounds and composing even greater songs.

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