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Joel Renker is a producer and multitalented musician. He plays various instruments, as well as composing original songs. Joel is involved in the entire process of making a song. He composes the score, plays his own instruments, records it and masters it himself. This all give him a unique edge because recording the instruments live will give the music a personal and human touch. 

The foundation of Joel's musical journey was deeply rooted in his connection with his grandfather. Exploring his grandfather's cherished record collection, Joel was fascinated by the hidden stories within each vinyl. Captivated by the tales of adventures and moments his grandfather had experienced while collecting these records. Long before the era of digital music, Joel's grandfather traversed the globe for work, seizing every opportunity to collect records from every country he visited. From the vibrant streets of New York to the quaint shops of Tokyo. Joel's grandfather would share the stories behind each record. He spoke of tsoulful jazz in Harlem, stirring blues in New Orleans, and attending legendary concerts like Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix, even Neil Young. These tales enchanted Joel's young mind, kindling a passion for music and an insatiable thirst for storytelling. Joel imbued his music with the spirit of adventure and the echoes of his grandfather's tales. He understood that the gift of music was not merely to entertain but to tel stories trought music. 

As his dedication to music grew, he also took the initiative to self-teach multiple musical instruments.
To further expand his knowledge and expertise in music production, Joel enrolled in the Music Production program at the prestigious ROC in Amsterdam. During his studies, he delved into various aspects of music, including entrepreneurship, music theory, and the technical intricacies of producing high-quality tracks. In addition to his academic pursuits, he actively sought hands-on experience through internships at different mainstream studios.
Today, Joel Renker stands as a successful and accomplished music producer and DJ, with a rich background in music education, performance, and studio experience. His journey exemplifies the power of passion, hard work, and continuous learning in the pursuit of one's dreams in the world of music.

Joel is now the proud founder of Renker Records, a thriving production company that specializes in crafting music for artists and composing captivating film and trailer soundtracks. His unwavering dedication to his music career drives him to put in relentless hours day and night, constantly seeking improvement and personal growth. With a vast array of production methods at his disposal, Joel's ultimate ambition is to forge collaborations with other talented individuals, uniting their skills to craft enthralling stories through their music and art. Together, they weave a tapestry of creativity that deeply resonates with audiences, leaving an indelible impression on the world.

Driven by a desire to carry forward his grandfather's legacy, Joel's compositions beckon listeners to embark on their own musical journey. For him, music is more than just a career; it represents an eternal connection to the past, a captivating voyage into the present, and an enduring legacy for the future.

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