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Your music in top quality


Are you a singer, musician, rapper or DJ? Do you have ideas for future world hits, but no music studio with the ability to record this? I can help with that! Okay, nice, but how? You find this answer here below.

If you are about to release your own music, you want the best quality. That were I come in. I already work with starting and now famous artists. I am a producer and release my own music on streaming services. Curious about what I can produce for you? Then listen to my songs and search for Joel Renker on Spotify. Here you can listen and feel how your music will sound. Together we make your song in your style. You have guarantee on quality recordings that are suitable for streaming services, radio and CD. With this top quality you expand your fanbase, boost your career and become even more famous!


What I can do for you on production:

Recording of vocals and instruments;

• Create original tracks;

• Make cover tracks and ghost productions;

• Mixing and mastering tracks;

• Create album art and promotional art;

• Release your music and register on streaming services

If your are interested then contact me and click on the button below.

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